Load Bank

JP Power Technology Inc. Load Banks

We manufacture all types of load banks large and small and fill orders for single units up to hundreds of units and our load banks are made of the highest quality materials, matching or exceeding all CSA standards.

General Load Bank Features:

JP Power Technology Inc. load banks are air-cooled, definite purpose contactor-controlled systems consisting of fused, coiled nichrome 60 wire resistors.

DC load banks are controlled by solid-state components.

Load bank enclosures are fabricated out of aluminum for a lightweight, corrosion free product. Painting of aluminum enclosures is optional, and steel enclosures are available if a higher strength product is required. Steel enclosures are powder coated.

Load Bank components are chosen carefully to provide a reliable and easy to use product that is also designed to be easy to service should repair be necessary.

Load banks are cooled by an electric fan, which requires a separate power source or, as an option, this power source may be contained within the unit.

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